Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dream within dream

One day, my friend and i chatted about dream. He talked that he can smell marijuana in his dream, although he never smell that in real life (because it is forbidden in our religion), he as asked me, is it possible to smell in dream? If yes, is it possible to smell something we never smell? Hmm, i never know about it. Then i googling and found an article that mention, blind people also have a dream, but different with normal people, they dream about smell and usually it smell something that they ever smell. I give this answer to my friend, he is not blind person, so it little bit weird. 

Later that, we chat about dream, inception, lucid dream, and dream within dream. So aftter that conversation, i have experience about dream within dream, two times :

1. In my dream, my nephew (4 years old) disturb me while i am sleeping. Then in that dream, i dream that my nephew grow up (maybe 8 or 10 years old) and disturb me (again) while i sleeping. 
2. In my dream, i met with my old friend (my elementary school), then in that dream, i dream i meet my old friend (my junior high shcool) and tell her that i have met with my old friend (my elementary school friend) in my dream.

So, in two my dream within dream, i have two layers dream that have same theme. 

My friend told me, i must write this story in my blog, perhaps i have pattern in my dream. In the begining, i just little bit scary that i believe in "shaman thing", but he said that technology nowadays is shaman thing in the past, just because we don't know that, yet.
Ok, nailed it :D

Friday, 4 April 2014

English Speaking Course

There are 7 secrets to speak english fluently and confidently :
1. Listen, listen, listen
If we decide to speak, the first thing we do are listening.
2. Stop learning grammar
In the real life, the native speaker don't use grammar to speak. They just said what they want to speak and never think about grammar.
3. Learn about phrase not vocabulary
Phrase is combination between idiom and slang. We do not memorize vocabulary to speak because we speak sentence not word.
4. Have confident
Never feel shy or worry to do mistake.
5. Study the correct material
Dont waste our time to study material that not exist such as fairly tale, etc
6. Having fun learning english
When we having fun to study english, we will enjoy the study
7. Learning Enghlish at native speaker speed
Adaptation, practice make perfect.

The list above i got when i take english speaking course today, the source from "English Explosion" video.

#I hope i can speak english better and better than now, Aamiin.
#it is first time, i posting in english